Welcome to Princess Ballerina
Where ballerinas are born...

Children who like dance and music will love Princess Ballerina - a unique concept in pre-school dance, bringing its standards of excellence to eighteen-months to five years olds in the North West.

Princess Ballerina offers traditional tuition with a modern approach, perfect for budding, little dancers with stars in their eyes and curious minds. Children are introduced to all-time classics - Swan Lake, Cinderella and The Nutcracker – while having a ball, dancing to carefully selected genres of music. Classes change each term to keep them fresh and fun but the key objectives of Princess Ballerina remain the same: to develop confidence, discipline, etiquette, and above all, movement and co-ordination in a controlled and caring environment. It’s no surprise, parents comment time and time again how easily Princess Ballerina pupils fit in at nursery, school and other groups.

Laura Carnaby, Princess Ballerina Director
We're your child's first teacher - a job that we take very seriously
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We want every one of our students to return from class with his/her head held higher, proud as punch and feeling more confident
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We believe that great teachers empathise with children, respect them and believe that each child has something special that can be built upon
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All of our teachers teach from the heart, so much so that our students travel from as much as twenty-five miles away to get to us
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